Chef Zingg (Key West, Florida)

Usually finding humanKIND posts portraits and quotes from wonderful people we meet, sharing their story of kindness. However, I must post a story of a kind act done to Todd (my fiancé) and I that left us in complete awe and truly made the first leg of our trip a memorable one.
Todd and I began our 9 month, 40 state journey a few days ago, with our first stop in Key West! Being huge foodies, we had to check out all the coolest eateries starting at The Blue Macaw. We sat at the bar, chatting it up with the friendly locals, when Chef Zingg came out of the kitchen and personally welcomed us. We told Chef it was our first time at the restaurant and to Key West. Minutes later, Chef came out with delicious risotto, mussels and some of the best mac and cheese I’ve had – on the house! It was his way of warmly welcoming us to The Blue Macaw and to Key West! Seeing our amazement of Chef’s unbelievable hospitality, one of the locals sitting beside us stated, “That’s Chef for ‘ya. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, Chef treated me to an amazing dinner too, hoping it would make my day a little better.” Thank you Chef Zingg for loving what you do and for being a truly kind person.

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