Rossi (Florida)

“My mother-in-law lives in a small Bulgarian town where seniors don’t have a community center to connect and socialize with one another. Most don’t even have a pension or retirement fund, so life can be hard. To support them, she established a clubhouse for her neighbors to gather and enjoy activities together- something they may rarely do. I wanted to make the clubhouse special, so I bought them a fridge and started a fundraiser by inviting friends over for a Bulgarian BBQ, asking for donations in return. We raised $1,000 to make renovations to the club, making it a more comfortable gathering place for the seniors.  I was told that almost every night they get together to play cards and share family stories. I think it really makes a difference for their well-being, especially at their age.  As a thank you, they sent small gifts and wrote a letter to the ‘retired people of America’ from the ‘retired people of Bulgaria.’ It was really funny, but very cute!”


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