Our Journey

Thank you Key West for an amazing start to the first leg of our journey!

Todd and I are overwhelmed by the hospitality of all the locals we met. When we arrived, we planned on gathering kind stories from those we passed but it was a bit tough as everyone had a place to be, possibly with air conditioning as the weather was brutally hot. When Todd and I stopped at the Blue Macaw for a drink, we were quickly welcomed by a group of friendly locals. That’s where we met Chef Zingg (his story previously posted) and Kim, a local 5th grade teacher from Poinciana Elementary. I spoke volumes about finding humanKIND and our cross-country journey… literally, I can’t stop talking. Before we left, I gave Kim my contact information, in hopes we could connect in the future. Hours later, I received a text from Kim with a schedule of interviews she set up with her fellow colleagues and students at Poinciana. I was completely blown away! I did not expect to gain so many interviews for finding humanKIND from a conversation with a person I had just met at a restaurant. To say the least, I was completely in awe of the power of passion. My experience with Chef, Kim and the interviewees at Poinciana Elementary was a stark reminder that life has a funny way of working out perfectly when you move with passion. When you speak about what you love, the dedication and sincerity in your voice are evident and infectious, flowing with each word you speak. Thank you Key West for all the love, until we meet again.

Stay tuned for kind stories from Poinciana Elementary in Key West, Florida! Let’s inspire kindness and empower change!



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