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Christine, CEO of Swan Songs (Austin, Tx)

(Story 1/3) “I’m a musician in Austin, Texas and my good friend, John who had a brain aneurysm, wasn’t able to attend one of my concerts. He was my biggest fan so, I brought the music to him at his home right before he passed. The experience blew me away, as I realized something as simple as music provided John and his family with a memory they will never forget, one filled with peace and joy. To provide the same opportunity for others, I established Swan Songs – a nonprofit fulfilling musical wishes for those at the end of life. The recipients choose their favorite style of music – ranging from classical, to Japanese, to bagpipes – and Swan Songs organizes the concert at the recipient’s home with their friends and family. Death is obviously very sad, but the concerts bring a mix of emotions from joy to laughter to tears. Surprisingly, the room isn’t full of despair, but has a sense of acceptance coming from the awareness of how precious life can be. The concert can be closure for the recipient, hearing the soundtrack of their life. Swan Songs has provided these special moments that will never be forgotten to over 400 recipients.”

Make a difference with Swan Songs by donating or volunteering to attend a concert.



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