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Lea Anne, Temple Grandin School (Boulder, CO)

“Temple Grandin School is a supportive, socially engaging educational community for students with Aspergers and high functioning autism. We have a deep understanding of our students’ neurodiversities and how they view the world.  The students are often highly gifted – they’re inventors, creators, and innovators. However, they need extra guidance in social development and other various executive functions. They may not need help in math, but need to know how to fill out a job application or work on a team. Our individualized programs, with a 1:6 teacher to student ratio, focus on their strengths and passions to realize their full potential. Temple Grandin is not like any other school, we’re all family – teachers are called by their first names and we eat together as a community. We truly understand  our students and deeply want them to succeed. Everything we do is an act of kindness from the heart. Our payday is the wellbeing of our students.”


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