I hope one day, I am as beautiful as you.   

Finding HumanKIND recently visited Kindling Art Studios (Los Angeles, CA) and Temple Grandin School (Boulder, CO), organizations supporting those with special needs.  Prior to the interviews, I’ve never met anyone with special needs and had no idea what to expect.

Through our experiences with the artists and students, we learned they have a love and zest for the world and are filled with a brightness that is rarely seen.  If only we had the same joy and lightheartedness as they do- what a beautiful world it would be. Organizations like Kindling Studios and Temple Grandin School truly make a difference in not only their artists’ and students’ lives, but ours as well. I learned an invaluable, humbling lesson – we must move beyond conditions and try to better understand those with special needs, because until then, we can’t make change. We’re no different from one another.

To the amazing artists and students, thank you for helping me better see the world, warming my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. I hope one day, I am as beautiful as you.

Stay tuned for inspiring stories from Kindling Studios!




1 thought on “I hope one day, I am as beautiful as you.   ”

  1. I am delighted to find artists and the director of Kindling Studios on your site. Our son is an artist at Kindling Studios in Camarillo, too.


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