Tina, Program Director at Kindling Studios (Camarillo, CA)

 “I’m an art therapist with Kindling Studios, an art studio for those with special needs. This has always been my dream because I want to give people an opportunity to express themselves and turn their passions into a livelihood. Artists with special needs should be able to practice what they love to do, but not everyone has that opportunity.  I want to help them achieve this.”

Make a difference with Kindling Studios, learn more about their mission here.


2 thoughts on “Tina, Program Director at Kindling Studios (Camarillo, CA)”

  1. Delighted to find the director of Kindling Studios, Kristina Ebsen, M. A., on your site. She is an inspiring and compassionate leader of the people who work with the artists and for the artists themselves.


    1. Mary, thank you for following Finding HumanKIND and all our wonderful stories. Tina and all the artists were extraordinary and truly touched our hearts. We can’t wait to come back next year and hopefully meet your son.


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