Bud (Trinidad, CA)

“There was a time in my life where I didn’t want to be on this earth anymore. My mother passed away and I was completely alone. I fell to my knees and prayed to my mother to help me find my heart lickety split (because we’re Irish). A few days later, I was driving and a white dog with black spots was running between the cars. My gut told me to open my car door and yell for her and to my surprise, the dog turned around and jumped inside! Since then, that dog, now my Emilie, and I are best friends. She’s the reason I’m still here. She makes me feel like I matter and doesn’t care I was homeless, talked a lot or smoked cigarettes. She loves me for me, every second of the day. She even has a spot on her back in the shape of a heart. That’s my heart and she’s my miracle.”



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