Lowry (Portland, ME)

“It’s so nice to be treated not as a sick person, but just as a person. Often, people are willing to help disabled people by running their errands and doing everything for them. However, they would rather do it for you than with you because they don’t want to be slowed down. Sometimes I get embarrassed when I’m stumbling around. But, there is one woman from a church who visits me twice a week to just spend time with me. I don’t even go to her church! She’ll run my errands and take me with her without getting embarrassed, I can’t believe it! To have the patience to wait for me, without burden or guilt, is amazing. I love going to the grocery store and being in a car, even for 15 minutes, it’s so valuable for my emotional health. It has totally changed my life to have someone to spend time with every day. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.”


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