Stephanie (Portland, ME)

“In Guinea, West Africa, women are expected to be wives without a college education. Your place is to cook and take care of your husband. I wanted more than this role. My dream is to go to school, have a career and to live life on my own terms. I finally left Guinea a year ago and now live at Hope House, Portland ME. When I first arrived at the house, Carolyn the Program Coordinator, sat down with me and asked what my goals were and created a plan for me to achieve them. I was speechless! No one has ever asked me that question. It’s a relief to know I’m not taking this road alone. I am so proud of myself because I know, with Hope House, I will accomplish all I dream of.  I’m more excited than ever to be in a classroom and study.”

Hope House is Maine’s only dedicated residential program for asylum seekers. As they work to transform their lives, immigrants are provided educational, legal, social and leadership-focused programs to increase their success in work and independent living. Learn how you can make a difference here.


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