Video Series

You are a survivor (Fresno, CA)

We had the privilege of interviewing Nikki, CEO of Ladies Leading Ladies, who shared her story of sexual abuse. It was such an unbelievable experience to capture her compelling story of strength and grace, as she shares it for the very first time. If you are a survivor, I encourage you to watch this and hope you will be inspired to find strength. Your past does not define you. If you’ve never experienced this type of trauma, I hope this story will make you more aware that sexual abuse can happen to anyone by anyone. These survivors have difficult pasts and are still suffering. Be open. Be loving. Be the person they need to find their strength to heal.

Nikki says, “It’s not easy to post this video. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks but have had trouble pulling the trigger because of how personal this experience has been for me.I’ve decided to post it not for sympathy or empathy, but instead to share my gratitude for the incredible, important work my friend @dianardiaz is doing with @therawwnetwork. The space they have created through RAWW Talks truly has to be experienced to be believed. It’s so raw, real, beautiful, safe, and healing – and truly changed my life.My experiences, traumas, and healing have made me the leader I am today. So often we look at leaders as someone who needs to be perfect, when in reality what a leaders needs to be is AUTHENTIC. My mental health journey has made me stronger, but also made me able to connect with each and every unique person I’ve had the honor of leading in my career. We may not have been best friends, some knew of my struggles and some didn’t, but I knew that each person had their own story and it was my job to understand how that made them who they are today. That’s how we create effective and healthy workplaces. If you’re a survivor, you’ve been through trauma, you’re struggling with anxiety, you haven’t been able to get out of a funk – ask for help. You are NOT alone. You’re here to fulfill a purpose that only YOU can fulfill and each and every one of your experiences feeds into that.”

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