Video Series

A day in the life a special needs child. (Atlanta, GA)

Happy Kabuki Syndrome Awareness Day! What is Kabuki Syndrome you say? It’s a very rare condition affecting 1:32,000 births worldwide and the symptoms are similar to those with autism. Our nonprofit Finding HumanKIND is so excited to share a recent video we created with a special needs family to raise awareness & educate. Many of us who’ve never met a special needs person, may or may not know how to act or what to say. I always thought, “Will that person be able to communicate back, will I offend someone?” Who can relate 🙋🏽‍♀️? My reactions were understandable, but my ignorance was not. We have a duty to educate ourselves about special needs because those who are different only seek acceptance and to be treated like everyone else. Hear what Julie and Trevor have to say about breaking down barriers to finding a diagnosis and proper care for your special needs child, what it’s like to live a day in their shoes, and how those with special needs should be treated. Together, let’s overcome disabilities and embrace capabilities because that’s when change is made. 💚

To learn more about Kabuki Syndrome and to join the movement in finding a cure, visit All Things Kabuki!

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