Our Journey

This FB memory describes our lives perfectly. Three years ago, we left it all in Tampa, packed up, moved into an RV and traveled the country to follow our passions of photography/travel/nonprofit work. Thus, NomadiCam (nomads with cameras), our photography company, and Finding HumanKIND were born. After our 2017 road trip, we settled in Portland for a hot minute then Cali for a couple months… with no idea where we were going to live or what we were doing .. we just knew it felt right (story of our lives). The past 3 years we’ve hustled harder than ever and made a business, we had no experience in, into a thriving company sustaining our lives! And what was supposed to be 2 months in Cali tuned into our new home 8 months/year.
Life can be crazy, uncertain, and sometimes scary. Through all our challenges, we’ve learned NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF! You are capable of achieving anything you put your mind and heart to. Follow your passions and do what you love bc life shouldn’t be spent chasing a fat paycheck or a prestigious title! Don’t let society’s unrealistic and ridiculously high standards shape your life, stop comparing yourself to others bc let’s be real…no one is as perfect as social media makes us out to be! We all have our own struggles and it shouldn’t be taboo to talk about it!!
Do you! It’s never too late to start over & you’re not too old! Someone once told me that they want to make the leap of faith for an “unconventional” life when it makes “sense.” Chasing your dreams/passions, most of the time, doesn’t make “sense.” That’s okay, it’s more fun! When I told my mentor/boss I was quitting to travel indefinitely, he said, “this is the dumbest financial decision you’ll ever make and the best decision you’ll make for your life.”

Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you! ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Friday loves!

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