What teachers really stand for… (San Jose, California)

When I was storyboarding and drafting interview questions for Peter’s documentary, I wanted to focus on the most highlighted issue that we (non-teachers) perceive based on recent teacher protests and media – the issue of teachers being underpaid. 

When I worked at a food bank, we provided breakfast to students in low income communities for two reasons: 1. ) Students perform better in school when they aren’t hungry 2.) to alleviate the burden on teachers who were dipping into personal funds to provide breakfast for students, as some low income parents were unable to provide a hot meal for their children.

Based on my experience and knowledge of the education system, I began the interview with one goal in mind: to create a real testimonial of how teachers are really coping with the pressure of being underpaid and what our community can do about it. What I didn’t focus on and should have, was the passion and dedication that teachers have for their students. Teachers are an extremely important facet of any society for a number of reasons and their role is invaluable in children’s lives. Teachers educate our kids who in turn become the leaders of the next generation.  Let’s shine a light on who teachers really are and what they stand for. Thank you, Peter, for helping us better understand and for being a guiding force in your students’ lives.


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