Sharing Hope for a Cure (Florida)

“I’m 17 years old and have lost a lot of family members to cancer, one being my aunt. I watched my two cousins grow up without a mother. One is married and the other is going to be soon, but their mom won’t be there. Having cancer is an incredibly painful process, but it’s just as difficult and sometimes worse for the families.  Having cancer so close to home, I decided to make a difference and established my nonprofit, Sharing Hope for a Cure, to support patients and their families through the process. Not only do we raise funds for research and awareness, but we make dragonfly pins in honor of my aunt who loved dragonflies. The pin has become a symbol of hope, as the patients enjoy knowing someone they don’t know is thinking about them. Sharing Hope for a Cure has gifted 650 dragonflies to patients in hospitals all over Florida.”

To learn more about Courtney, visit Sharing Hope for a Cure.

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