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Tiffany (Florida)

I’ve worked at Epicurean Hotel for the past 4 years. A year after I started, Epicurean held a toy drive for kids in need during the holidays.  Halfway through the drive, I noticed the box was completely empty! I was so devastated and knew I had to do something to ensure the kids received gifts for ChristmasSo, I rallied all my co-workers and raised enough funds to purchase toys for more than 30 kids. The next year, Epicurean asked me to lead the holiday drive and allowed me to choose the benefiting charity.  I chose The Spring of Tampa Bay, a nonprofit supporting victims of domestic violence, because I’ve been in an abusive relationship before. It’s been 20 years since the abuse and I wanted to give back to a mission that I am personally connected to and provides women with a new start. The past two years, Epicurean and I raised more than 100 toys and boxes of toiletries for all the families at The Spring of Tampa BayThe holiday drives have been a huge success, so Epicurean graciously built me a beautiful chest made of wine boxes, having a permanent place in the lobby, so we could hold drives every year. Thanks to Epicurean, families will have Christmas gifts for years to come!”

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